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Frequently Asked Questions

I struggle to name Swims
When defining a Swim Name you can often use a feature to do this, such as "The Sunken Branch Swim" or "18 Foot Hole Swim" for example.

If you struggle to find a name for a Swim because there is no significant feature then there are alternative approaches to this.

Firstly, it is important to uniquely identify the Swims that you have fished. In this way you can record a Session against the Water and the Swim. You only need to record Swims when you wish to record Session details.

I have considered using a combination of Water Name and Number but when looking at the Lists and Analysis Reports it just didn't make sense. I also considered naming a Swim in relation to another Swim. For example, on one Water I fish there is a Swim that I call 'Thirteen Foot', after it's depth. It's about the deepest Swim I know on the Water so it is easy to remember. I could rename the Swims either side of it as 'Thirteen Foot Minus 1' and 'Thirteen Foot Plus 1' but this wasn't really meaningful either.

When there isn't a distinguishing feature to name a Swim I now name them by their position on the compass with a number. That way 'West Bank 1', 'West Bank 2' and so on are numbered 1 to n down the West Bank from North to South. Where the Bank is sloping at an angle on a Map then I just call it the 'North West Bank' for example or 'South East Bank' or just plump for a 'North' or 'South' say. As long as I understand the rules then I can place the Swim on a digital map or Image and know what I mean or if I am not using Images then in my minds-eye I will know where the Swim is.

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Contact Information

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How It Works

Section 4
Report On Your Fishing

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  • The system comes with a number of pre-defined reports to analyse your fishing activities.

  • You can specify the Date Range for inclusion in the Reports.

  • You can specify Conditions such as Water or Swim Names for inclusion in the Report.

  • When the Report is displayed you can click on a Session or Capture to see the details.

  • When the Report is displayed you can Print it or Save it to an MS Word or MS Excel file for further manipulation or analysis.

SECTION 4 - Report On Your Fishing

The predefined reports are:

  • List of Sessions on a Water or Swim
  • List of Most Successful Captures
  • List of Most Frequently Used Baits
  • List of Most Successful Waters
  • Histogram of Times to Fish
  • List of Most Successful Methods
  • List of Largest Fish Caught By Water
  • List of Sessions Where Nothing Was Caught
  • List of Runs by Water
Section: 1 2 3 4 5

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