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New Version (1.3) of The Anglers Database Launched
For the last few months we have been working on a new version of The Anglers Database. We have added some new features and fixed a bug.

The changes we have made to The Anglers Database are: 

 1.  The ‘Link to Image’ Icon has the Link Name displayed underneath it in the same way Swim Icons have Swim Names under them.   

 2.  The User Guide, Sample database and Sample Images are included in the Anglers Database installer.  New options appear on the initial screen to ’Launch User Guide’ and ‘Sample Database’.  These facilities are also in the Help function on the Menu Bar.  

 3.  The ’Fit to Screen’ option is included in the Image Size drop-down on the Icon Bar. 

 4.  A new function called ‘Launch Link’ has been added to the drop-down that appears when right-clicking on a Swim or Fishing Mark Icon.  This function will launch the first entry in the Links field.  This first entry might be an alternative Image of the Swim or Fishing Mark for example. 

5.  A new analysis report has been added which lists the Sessions that have occurred between two dates in a year over a number of years.  The intention of this report is to allow you to see any patterns that occur in your Sessions at the same time (between two days and months — dd/mm’s) each year.  

6.  To make the Length and Weight fields clearer to understand, in decimal point terms, their descriptions have been altered.  For example ’Depth of Water e.g. 18.50’.  This cosmetic change will show that the data can be to two decimal places.  

7.  Large Image sizes have sometimes caused problems in the system.  This has been fixed in version 1.3.  

8.  A new version of The User Guide which includes all the changes in version 1.3. 

This version (1.3) is available for download from the website free to existing customers.  Just download the 30 day trial version.  It will pick up your Activation Code automatically.  In addition, it will not require changes to your existing data. 


 To install the new version of The Anglers Database please follow the instructions in the Newsletter No. 3  below.

 Follow this link to download our latest newsletter for more information about the new version and articles.

If you should have any questions or experience any problems then please contact us for support by EMailing us at:

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