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I have installed The Anglers Database on Windows 2000 and I am experiencing problems with the system?

How secure is paying for the system over the internet?

What type of technical support is available to me?

As the database that underlies the system is built on Microsoft Access, do you require the full product in order to use it?

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The act of fishing is for most of us a learning experience. We go fishing and almost inevitably reflect upon the more >>

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Tips and Advice on Using The System

How Do You Use Images

My personal preference is to scan a map of the Water and use this as the Main Image. From this I link photographs that have been taken to show as large a part of the water and it's shoreline as possible. It helps if you can get some height here. Then I will sometimes link a photo of the Swim or a couple of Swims. These last photographs will have been edited to show drop-offs, depths and other features.

Sequence of Data Entry

To facilitate the Search and Analysis tools in the system the data has been structured so that it is entered in a pre-defined and intuitive sequence. The system requires that you enter data in the following fashion, if you follow this approach then it will all fall into place:

1. Firstly, set-up the Water(s) you fished, you need only do this once.

2. Secondly, set-up the Swim(s) you fished, you need only do this once for each Swim.

3. Thirdly, set-up the Fishing-Mark(s) in each Swim that you fished. You need only do this once for each Fishing-Mark you fished.

4. Fourthly, set-up the individual known Fish in each Water that you fished. You need only do this once for each Fish in a Water and only if you intend to record the Capture of individual Fish.

5. Fifthly, enter data about each Session and the associated Captures/Runs and or Catches.

Once you have set up the Waters, Fish, Swims, and Fishing Marks then all you need do is capture information about each Session as they occur.

Keep Your Analysis Conditions Simple

When doing Analysis - Reports you are given an option to select 'Analysis Conditions'. To use these effectively don't get too complicated with them. If you have more than three rows then the results may not be as expected.

Backup and Restore Your System and Data

If you have downloaded the system over the internet then please take the trouble to backup the system. If you have a CD-Writer then copy the installer file (AnglersDatabase.msi) to a CD and store it safely. Write the Activation Code on the CD copy you have taken so that you can recover the system in the event of hardware failure.

As an alternative you can re-download the system from the Internet.

Disk problems do occur. Having backed up the system, take regular backups of your data. This can be done by Opening the Anglers Database folder usually found on the C drive under 'Programs'. Copy and store the 'AnglingData.mdb'file. In addition, you should backup any Image library you use.

Your system and particularly the data and Images are precious. Consider storing them off-site. Perhaps in a desk draw at work or a hideaway in the shed or garage. This way, should disaster strike, then your records are safe and the system, with it's data can be restored.

You are advised to take regular backups.

To restore the system and data you can take the CD on which you have a copy of the system. Load the CD and open the 'Programs' folder. Double-click on Anglers-Database-vn.msi (where vn is the version number of the system you originally purchased). This will begin the installation procedure you will have used before. Follow the instructions as before.

To restore the data go to your backup of the 'AnglingData.mdb'. Use it to overwrite the same file in the 'Anglers Database' folder on the C drive. Restore the Images you have backed-up. You may need to re-assign the Images if the folder path has changed in the interim.

Open the system and check that all the data is OK.

You are advised to take regular backups.

Storing Your Linked Photographs and Other Objects

This system allows you to store the folder and file addresses of photographs, MS WORD documents and other objects that you wish to associate with a Water, Swim, Fishing Mark, Fish, Session, Captures and Catches.

To ensure that that the links are reliable and always work, create a Folder under the folder where the system usually resides (C:/Programs/Anglers Database) and place all your photographs and other objects here.

The Images That Can Be Used

In this system you don't have to use Images if you don't want. By going to the Menu-Bar at the top of the screen and selecting 'Insert/Amend' and inputting the data direct into the database you can still use the List, Search and Analysis functions that are so important to improving your angling prospects.

If you use the Image approach to the Anglers Database then you can use digital photographs of a Water and the Swims. These Images can also be scanned versions of maps or diagrams of the Waters that you might have completed before. On these Images you can place your own features or simply mark the depth information you might have gathered previously. This can be done by using software tools such as Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Powerpoint or CoralDraw 12 or CoralDraw Essentials 2.0 or Adobe's Photoshop systems.

The Images can be in the form of JPEGs, TIFs, GIFs or BMPs.

These Images can then be selected in the Anglers Database System and linked to each other so that you see all your Swims on a Water by clicking on Icons that display the Images you have linked to each other.

On the Images will be the Icons you have placed indicating where the Swims are and the Fishing-Mark.

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