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About The System

For all Specimen, Pleasure and Match Coarse Anglers, a system to record your catches that is tailored to the UK angler, whether bait or lure fishing.

The Anglers Database is a tool for the Coarse Angler who wants to record his angling experience and learn from it. The system allows you to:

  • Import Images of the Water and Swims that you have fished. These Images might be digital photographs or diagrams you have drawn or scanned into your PC.

  • Locate Swims and Fishing-Marks on the Images using Icons.

  • Use the Icons to add information about your Fishing Sessions. This will include the times of the Session, the environmental conditions and other information about the time you spent by the waterside.

  • For the specimen angler, you will be able to record details of individual captures including the Fish, the time, methods and baits used to capture them as well as their measurements and weight. Successful Pike fishing tips and strategies can be identified and recorded. Tackle Perch fishing successfully with The Anglers Database.

  • For the match angler, you will be able to keep information about the types of fish, their number and weight and the bait and groundbait used.

  • For the pleasure angler who does not use bait, record your fishing lures and their success on The Anglers Database.

  • It will also be possible to create links to the digital photographs, and other objects such as documents. Carp fishing bait recipes can be recorded on The Anglers Database.

  • Having captured this information the angler will be able to browse the data, learning all the while about their successes and where they can improve their performance. Alternatively they will be able to Search or Analyse the data and print out reports.

  • Throughout the system you will be able to record as much or as little information as you require easily, using drop-downs and defaults to speed up data capture. You will be able to use the previous entry to populate the new entries and reduce needless duplication of effort.

This system has been designed and tested to be intuitive and easy to use. Just move your cursor over the Images or data to browse or update the system.

The system is:

  • Easy to install on your PC.

  • Based on the standard Windows GUI look and feel.
How It Works

Section 1 - Introduction
Section 1

Section 2 - Entering Data About Images
Section 2
Entering Data About Images

Section 3 - Enter Data About Your Fishing
Section 3
Enter Data About Your Fishing
Section 4 - Report On Your Fishing
Section 4
Report On Your Fishing
Section 5 - Perform Queries On Your Data
Section 5
Perform Queries on Your Data

Using The System
To learn more about the system, download this Adobe Acrobat file.
Click Here

You can store a lot about your fishing. You don't have to complete all the fields. Below is just some of the data you can store.

For Waters and Swims You Can Record:

  • Name and Details about the Water and Swim.
  • Text about the Water and Swim.
  • Links to photos and other objects.

For Each Session You Can Record:

  • Start and End Dates and Times.
  • Link the Session to a Swim Icon and List them with a Right-Click on it.
  • The Weather, Temperature and Water Conditions at the Start and End of the Session.
  • Light and Moon-phase data.
  • Text about the Session.
  • Links to photos and other objects .

For Each Capture or Run You Can Record:

  • The Date and Time.
  • Link it to a Fishing Mark.
  • The Type and Name (if it has one) of an Individual Fish.
  • The Weight, Length and Girth of the Fish.
  • The Weather, Temperature and Water Conditions at the time.
  • Text about the Capture.
  • Links to photos and other objects.

For Catches Where You Want to Record the Capture of More Than One Fish:

  • The Type of Fish in the Catch.
  • The Number and Aggregate Weight of the Fish.
  • Text about the Capture.
  • Links to photos and other objects.

There are forms which you can complete at the bank-side to help in the capture of the data.

Detailed explanation

For a more detailed explanation of the systems features download this Adobe file (.pdf). This download is only recommend for Broadband users (5.8Mbytes, approx. 3.5 minutes).

Download the Complete Guide with Sample Database and Images

Complete GuideThe Complete Guide - (198 page illustrated PDF 20Mbytes)
Sample Database
Sample Database Images (13.5Mbytes)

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